Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2011

Bazaar and Accessories

This was a late post from last June 3 of Summer Solstice Bazaar :) I wasn't able to update my blog right away because of the Hacking incident. Anyways, when i visited the Megatent, i don't have plans of buying and i just want to look around.. But there's this one booth that catches my attention because of their unique necklace wood stand holder and that's from Mia Casa :) 

It looks much better in real life than in this picture.. :)) They're selling lot of unique accessories and boy! i love em' all! :)

Feathered earrings..

I bought this two last week since they're on sale, 2 for 100 only :)

Haul from the bazaar :) I super like the necklace, i feel like i'm Card Captor Sakura while wearing this.. lol!

That's it for tonight! Goodnight World!
Godbless us all :)


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