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Style advice for TALL Girls

A lot of people ask me about beauty tips and style. Now another reader and a friend of mine asked for tips on how well she could dress herself and what type of clothing fits her height. I envy tall girls because they have a chance to join to a beauty contest, modeling and they don't need to always wear high heels :) But still i learned to love the blessings that God gave me :)) hihihi.... 
Anyhoo, to tell you dolls honestly, i'm not an expert when it comes to fashion and make-over but i'm happy to share the things that i know and read so here it goes.....

You know that tall girls make clothes look great! So if you're going to do your height proud remember a few golden tall rules: "Don't slouch - it will make even the most gorgeous clothes look bad."

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*Clothes that show off your waist give you a better figure. Baggy clothes or clothes with straight lines make you look longer. If you are going to wear a baggy top - team it with skinnies; and if you like a wide leg style wear it with a fitted top - never wear baggy top and bottom!

*Separates tend to show of your waist better and keep you in proportion. If you are wearing a dress try to buy one with that has a shaped bust or fitted waist. Again, this breaks up long lines and helps you look well proportioned.

*With bright colours try not to wear the same colour top and bottom. This accentuates your size and draws attention to it! Keep bright colours to one section only - try our coloured tops with neutral colour trousers like black, denim or stone.

*Don't go over the top! Don't try to make yourself feel more feminine by wearing excessive make up, a shorter skirt etc. You can end up looking like a drag queen! To look more feminine, be subtle and elegant

*Walk with confidence. If you feel good you will look good. Even the worst clothes look great on a model. It's all in your posture and attitude.

*Try to wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are made for the average height girl have darts, waist and hip lines in the wrong position - garments will look baggy on your waist (hiding your figure), tight on your hips and your bust will look squashed. You will feel uncomfortable - and look it too.

*Tall girls look great in wide belts - this also helps to make the body look in proportion.

*Long legs look great in skinny jeans; tall girls are the privileged people who can carry off this look. If you want to slim your legs wear them with heels; but if you’re blessed with skinny pins flats will give you a more relaxed look.

*If you’re not a ‘skinnies’ kind of girl wide legs or sexy slouch jeans look equally as good on tall girls - where your vertically challenged friends may look swamped by an extra wide flare you will simply show it off to perfection.

Tips: When selecting tops, avoid necklines that are too close to, or hide, your neck - such as crewnecks and turtlenecks. Doing so accentuates your long torso in an unflattering way. Instead, choose button-down shirts, or tops with V-necks, scoopnecks, or ruffles to visually break the length of the torso, and direct the eye toward design details and jewelry. If you do wear turtlenecks, always accent with a beautiful scarf or an interesting, long necklace.

Thank you so much for reading my blog...You all inspires me to continue blogging. Hope this helps. If you have any questions in mind or any other beauty tips, don't be hesitate to ask me :)
Have a great night

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  1. it's all a matter of knowing what looks good on you. there should also be symmetry involved. :)

  2. that balmain dress looks great! nice post;)

  3. great tips! though i'm not that tall, but i always have to remember not to slouch:P


  4. Guys, Thanks for reading my post! iheartuall <3