Martes, Hunyo 28, 2011

HELP: How to strongly secure my accounts?

Hello guys, i need your help on how to strongly secure my accounts? Coz it's freakin' me out already. Recently, all my emails that i created and my mom's account has been hacked. I think the hacker send some virus to my computer or something for her to access our emails. Even though we tried to changed passwords, the hacker still able to get it. It's kinda weird because she knows my personal information and also my in-laws,and there's this information that i have that only one person could know and that person is the one i trusted before. But i don't think she'll do it.

Also one time someone called me with Unknown Number, but no one answered or say hello.. After that, my email and FB account has been hacked again through my cellphone. I tried to changed my mobile number but still another Unknown No. called again, my husband is the only one knows this number how come that happen?... maybe.. i think she already send a keylogger/virus to my cellphone. But is it possible?
This hacker is getting way too personal, she even hacked my friend's account to stay connected with me. This case is too serious and i'm willing to bring it to authorities since i have my evidence. What do you think guys? Should i waste my time or just not use any social networking sites anymore since it's no longer safe nowadays? 

 I need all your opinion... Thank you so much! GBUA

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  1. Aww.. Andami na, ano.. Scammers, hackers, phishing attempts.. tsk. Nakakatakot na.. Well, siguro.. kapag nararamdaman mong in danger ka nang talaga, yes, I say you go to the authorities.. However, the question is.. ano naman kaya ang magagawa nila? Still.. wala namang masama kung gagawin mo. :)

    About the email scams, usually kasi.. merong nagpapadala ng mails na kunyari madeactivate na ang account na ganito, and they want details to "verify".. Those are phishing attempts.. NEVER answer or click the link.

    Also sa Facebook.. Yung mga "click to verify the account", those are scams.. so don't click. What I do sa Facebook ko, I disable the feature that allows my friends to post on my wall. Hindi naman problema sa mga friends to contact me since the message feature is always on...

    So... hmm.. good luck sa yo. Hope na tumigil na yang hacker/stalker.. God bless.

  2. @Leah-- Wow, thank you so much ha! It helps me a lot,,first time kc nangyare sken na pati accounts ng family k na gumamit ng laptop k e nahack din.. Grbe nga kc mdme n xang info na nakuha sken, lalo n ung scan copy ng drivers license k n nsa email k n nahack nya..kalungkot pro dibale asaken nmn ung 22ong ID.. Hindi k alm kng anu b kelngan nya sken at bkt nya ginagawa un.. ung s cellphone ngtataka dn ako kya hndi na ako nglologin s cp k..kainis nga.. papatingnan k p s cp company un bgo k ulit mgamit.. Thank you tlga s advice m.. mwah!

  3. sorry to hear you continuously get hacked! are you leaving your address or e mails anywhere? or did you previously click on any advertisement or pop up window? there was once where I accidently clicked on a window and a few weeks later my e mail got hacked. hope you get sorted out!

    on the bright side I followed you, you got a great blog!