Biyernes, Mayo 06, 2011

Mother's Day Promos..

Yes, It's all in the picture guys :D I've been waiting for Miley's concert for almost 4 years and now is the right time :)) I must say that i'm a big fan of hers and i won't let this chance to pass by without watching her concert. Futureentainment Inc. has a Mother's day promo and i'm so happy to know that i could buy the second ticket 50% off. yay! :))

1. Any single purchase of a ticket in the GOLD B, SILVER, BRONZE OR GEN AD section entitles the buyer a 50 % discount on his next single ticket purchase of the same section.
2. Promo is based on 1:1 ticket purchase.
3. Promo runs from May 5-12, 2011.

SM TicketWorld (891-9999) & SM Tickets (470-2222)

Original Ticket Price: Promo Ticket Price:
GOLD B Php 4670 Php 2335
SILVER Php 3500 Php 1750
BRONZE Php 1844 Php 922
GEN AD Php 650 Php 325

* For all the coffee lover, here's a great deal to enjoy, so hurry! Make sure to be there before 12nn *

Enjoy your weekends! Have a nice day!

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