Huwebes, Mayo 05, 2011

Fashion Diaries#2: Lily's and Green

Dress: mom's closet
Shoes: Mario d' boro
I went out to dinner with my family the other night and decided to wear something girly with my booties, i don't want my finger toes to get hurt so i wear it with my black stockings :) This floral dress is from my mom's closet and i was surprised that it is still in good condition and fits me perfectly..

I always go along with comfy outfits like this, i didn't wear much accessories because i just want to make it simple :) How about you guys, what are your comfy outfits? would you like to wear just plain top with shorts or skirt? dress or jeans? I'd love to know about it :))

Hope you all have a great day!
---> Diane 

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