Linggo, Marso 20, 2011

Ado's Panciteria

Today, i just want to share with you guys this super delicious Pansit from Ado's here in Pasig.  We never missed to order this flavorsome food everytime there's a celebration in our home. Would you believe if i tell you that today from morning till night i only ate this special Pansit? lol.. Prankly speaking, Pansit is not one of my favorite food but when i saw Korina Sanchez featured this on TV, i asked my mom to order one for me. I'm just curious, but i never regret tasting it :)

Ado's started since 1952, no doubt they already mastered cooking noodles. Anyhow, if ever you want to try it, you may find Ado's Panciteria along A. Luna St. Pasig City. You may contact them at 02-641-1851/02-746-9528 coz they also do delivery. If you visit Pasog, don't forget to pass by at Ado's Panciteria :)

That's all!


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