Miyerkules, Marso 13, 2013

Early Birthday Gifts!

Hi guys! how's your weekend? mine is nice coz i was able to bond with my mom who is currently having a vacation here in Manila. We went to spas and restaurant hopping. Usual things we do every time when were together and that's what i misses about her. Anyhoo, i'd like to share few things i got before my birthday and still hoping there's more before this month ends.. Hihihi :)

And this are:

1. Lorea'l Color Rich (Pink Fever) - what i love about this product is that it stays longer in your lips. No need to go to the bathroom for retouch.

2. So Fab Spiked Loafers - this shoes are way cooler than i expected. So comfy and good for long walks at the mall.

3. Casio A178WGA - atlast! They are now in my hands :D been wanting these since last year. I bought it pre-order online. So for some of you who's looking for a vintage watch or G-shock watches, i highly recommend ChaCha's G-shock to you. Add her on facebook :)

And lastly...

4. Bench, Oh my George - This is the newest addition to the Bench Celebrity Scent collection. I'm not a big fan but i do adore Georgina Wilson because of her sense of style. Well, about the perfume.. It kinda smell like Escada.. sweet and grassy fragrance. Although the difference is the price. It's very cheap and affordable not like any other expensive brands.

So the birthday week continues and still thinking how to celebrate :) Maybe a simple dinner with the fam will do.. What do you suggests?

Diane :)

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  1. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,

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