Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2012

Fashion Diaries#15: Lazy Friday Outfit

Blazer: F21/ Inside Top: Farmers Market/ Bag: Primadonna

Rainy season is still in the corner and I've decided to wear this comfy outfit.. It's simple yet fashionable :) I know I've been a bad blogger lately because i seldom update my blog but i will try to make it up to you guys this time :) 

About my outfit, i just bought my inside top to the farmers market and it's very cheap! I think i bought 5 sets of them with different styles and design... I'm very thrifty when it comes to clothes and accessories, i'd rather  buy sale items than getting it on it's regular price..... I don't easily let go of my money because i worked hard on it and i should spend it wisely :) So, whenever i feel the urge of buying things that i just want... I always tell to myself : " I don't need it! I should not buy it!" hehe... I tell you it works... hihihi :))
That's all for now! Hopefully i'd be able to update my blog asap.. I'm so busy with my upcoming business and taking care of my family.. Handling a daughter and a husband is not that easy you know..hehehe! 
It takes a lot of hard work too :)

Kisses From me,


3 komento:

  1. You look cute. Love your blazer! xx

  2. You look cute! Love your blazer. xx

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