Lunes, Marso 12, 2012

BU 2. (Late Post)

Today, as i get my hands on my camera and try to review the pictures in it.. i saw this and i totally forgot 
sharing it here.. Well, i think the reason why is because i'm quite busy studying.. which is a different story next 
time... hihihi :)

This are just random pictures taken from the Bloggers United 2 last November and i'm too excited for Part 3 this May.. eeekkk! It's time to save money starting on Saturday... Lol! coz on friday is F21 sale.. darn it! :)))

Anyways, here it is... sorry i can't remember the name of the booths :( but i'd like to share the cute stuffs their selling.

Super crowded place.. i'm a little bit disappointed because it's too hot inside, i think the event last March 2011 is way much better than this,,. 

Me and my baby, Quennie with Patricia

Saw Paul Jatayna again.. hihihi.,, i miss this guy :) 
I love everything about OS.. Paul created and design every piece of it.. :)

with Bjorn

with my lovely friend Ava :) I miss this girl :))

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