Huwebes, Enero 26, 2012

BTS: TV Photoshoot 700 Club Asia

Photo Credit: Arianne Denise Lunod

Me with Ms. Camilla

Arianne and Damiel

Behind the scene photos from 700 club asia's rehearsal taping for Simone's Closet :) It was a great experience for me to be a part of Arianne's interview that day and i'm so thankful because not everyone get the chance to be featured on TV so Thank you so much Arianne! :)
 2012 has been really good to me and i'm looking for more blessings to come this year.

Here's the link for Arianne's BLOG about the Taping and more Photos and also this is the link for the Teaser TV that was aired last night Too bad i didn't get the chance to see it :'( But Thank you to those people who watched it :))

Anyways, WATCH OUT for my upcoming Anniversary BLOG GIVEAWAY this coming FEBRUARY!

That's it! Have a great day guys!

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