Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2011

Fashion Diaries #9: A Little Bit of Pink

This is what i wore when i meet up with my friends last Saturday at Eastwood City...  I wore this comfy shoes from Virtual Mae and my new favorite blazer that i took from my Mom's Closet..hihi.. Talking about Vintage here :)) 

Anyways, i've been very busy with a lot of stuff lately and i'm planning to go back to school to take up new courses..  I'm choosing between Marketing & Fashion Design or pursue Nursing.... Hmmm.. still undecided.. Don't know yet because of my line up set of Vacations this Holiday.. hihihi... I'm sooo Excited!

That's it!
Have a great day!

7 komento:

  1. nice blog & nice pitures :)

  2. hello! <3 thanks for joining my giveaway for the Bu2 tickets! did you get to visit the bazaar bah? hope you dropped by our booth...if you did, sorry if walang2x ako...i was super tired and haggard. LOL.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. i love the color combination, very laid back and easy on the eyes ;)