Linggo, Agosto 07, 2011

"Trunkshow" Reshma Chulani and John Paras Holiday Collections

Sorry for the late post guys, i'm very busy last week because of the preparation of my grandma and father-in-laws birthday and didn't have enough time to blog. 

Anyways, i'd like to share to you all the sneak peak collection of Reshma Chulani and John Paras from last weeks event. I wasn't able to bring my camera again (the most important thing!hehe) good thing i have my cellphone,. geesh! :)) Thanks to Aie Corpuz for giving me a copy of my solo pictures :)) 

Here are the photos :

photo credit: Aie Corpuz

photo credit: Aie Corpuz

photo credit: Aie Corpuz
Last week was a blast! Not only i have a chance to see the newest collection of two great designers but also i was able to know Aie personally. We had so much fun together, we had lunch at Kabisera and went window shopping at Rockwell :)) Hope we do it next time my friend..hehehe!

Anyhow, I'm excited to try Freyja Salon nextweek with my sister and mother-in-law, thanks Aie for sharing!:)

That's all folks!

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  1. Gorgeous,that feathery purple dress is beautiful.
    But I especially love those wood effect clutches,super contemporary.
    Hope you have a lovely day <3

  2. lovely pics, i like the blue bag!
    hope u have a happy day