Linggo, Hulyo 24, 2011

Some weekends are boring

Today, i'll blog about the things we do last weekend since nothing interesting happen to me today. Some weekends are so boring and how i wish my life is interesting like others so that i could post more and share it to you all :) But today, i just stayed at home, do some cooking, watch movies, play online games and babysit andie. As you all not know, i'm a housecat :) i'm quite comfortable staying at home eating popcorns while watching movies with my hubby but since his not here i find it boring :)) 

Friday, We ate at Kimpura after picking up some groceries at Greenhills.. The foods are awesome and they have a lot to choose from that's why we don't even know what to order... hehehe!

Andie's not looking at the camera, too busy reaching the thing at the back :D

Saturday, went to Trinoma with my in-laws after my grandama's check up.. Do a little shopping for my personal stuff and toiletries. 

Gotcha! :)

My all time favorite Drink at McDonalds :)

I think i have to pass for the outfit post because i'm busy taking care of Andie. Last week was just about foods..hehehe! Whole week of eating and cooking!

Anyways, this morning i just heard the news that Amy Winehouse is dead. I felt sad about it since i'm a big fan of her music. To know about the story here's the link:

That's all folks!

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