Sabado, Hulyo 09, 2011

Etude House: Matte nail color in Baby Pink & Lavender

I should be going to NBC tent today for the Bazaar but sadly it rain so hard this afternoon :'( So i painted my nails instead with this new matte nail polish from Etude House :) They have 3 new colors: Baby Pink, Lavender and Orange that just arrived last week. I just bought the first 2 since i don't like the color Orange that much.. 

It's just a basic application and everyone can do it, no need for tutorial.. hihihi..
Here's how it looks :

Excuse my nails coz it looks terrible... hihihi

That's it folks!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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    btw... lov this colors! hihihi

  2. I love matte colors for polish!! Grear blog, following you back!

  3. love matte nail colors :)

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  4. haven't seen such interesting nailpolish bottles in my country.. colours are also pretty! especially the lilac one :)

  5. nice colours!
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  8. Great colors, the lavender looks so nice :) Your blog is so cute by the way :D

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