Huwebes, Hunyo 23, 2011

Lemonade Cleansing Scrub

Hey guys! I read something nice today and this is about the DIY Lemonade Cleansing Scrub by Michelle Phan. 

1 tsp. of sugar
2 tsp. of Facial Cleanser
3 Whole lemons or half of cup of lemon juice

In a small bowl, combine all 3 ingredients and mix with a spoon. Directly apply to your face using a clean washcloth in a circular motion. While your cleanser works to removes oil/dirt/residue, the sugar exfoliates the skin, and the lemon juice brightens the skin's complexion and helps restore your skin's natural level of acidity. 
After that, rinse your face with cool water and your done :)  It's very simple and easy, everybody can do it in their own...

I already tried this but instead of sugar, i used honey..hihi.. it's good if your going to used natural products to your skin, it really works :))

 Anyway, i'm kinda lazy today.. i just watched movies all day with my hubby,eat, sleep and read some blogs because it's raining hard outside and some of my friends were stranded because of flood. But i hope everyone is safe. God bless everyone and Goodnight!

i heart you all!

"When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!"

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  1. I will try it too, thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hehe..susubokan ko ba to? I'll to my heaven...

  3. Hi Dianne, wow a great DIY! I should defintely try this, anything home made is a keeper. -Mar

  4. awesome lemon scrub remedy, I use it all the time!

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog and following, hun! :)

  5. i am so gonna try this one soon. thanks for sharing. just followed you. looking forward to your next posts! :)

    much love,