Linggo, Mayo 22, 2011

My Everyday Make-up Routine: Tinted Moisturizer

Hi guys! Today i'm gonna share my everday make-up routine as requested by One of my readers and a friend of mine...FYI, I'm a type of person who's always on the go and this is the perfect everyday make-up for me :) Right now im using Myra-E VitaGlow tinted moisturizer 'coz lately i feel like my face is becoming dry....
What i love about this product is that it doesn't make my face oily and it last very long ... It has SPF 15, vitamin infused and keeps my skin hydrated... So, i definitely recommend it because this product is perfect for summer and i really really want you guys to try it :)

To Start up...

Step 1:
First... Using your fingers start applying the tinted moisturizer on your face. Gently apply evenly and start with your forehead. Be sure you get every part of your face evenly covered and get all the way down to your jawline and around your neck.

Step 2:
Fill in your eyebrows. I choose Dark Brown shade for my brows... (Tip: Don't use color BLACK! if you don't want to look like BETTY la FEA).. lol!
I love to do my brows a little bit long because this helps my eyes to appear more wider :)

 Step 3:
Apply pencil eyeliner. I usually start from the middle and out because it is easier to control the line weight when you do so, then repeat the process to the other eye.

 Step 4:
Apply blush on. You could just do a fish face or smile to apply your blush directly on the apple of your cheeks :)

Step 5:
Last step. Apply your lipstick.


Simple as that... 
Hope you like my everyday and simple look :) I'll be blogging more about my event & party make-up soon.. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or email me... Thank you so much :)

Have a great night everyone!

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