Biyernes, Mayo 20, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   People always tell me I look like     Kristin Kreuk, When i still have my long hair. I love this actress and i kinda like the resemblance.  

2.  Friends don't let friends    get drunk and let them do crazy things .

3.  A sunny day is perfect for     going to the beach and drinking fresh mango shake .

4.  My favorite accessory is   my 2-hole elephant ring that i bought from a bazaar, they're my favorite and i always wear them every time i go out  .

5.  If I could afford it I would     like to buy a Bus/Celebrity Bus. I've been dreaming of leavin' in a bus and travel anytime i want to  .

6.  The cure for boredom is       to start reading or go shopping :)   .

7.  I am currently "in like" with          bags, make-up, and fashion photography

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