Biyernes, Mayo 27, 2011

Bloggers United at Malayan Plaza Hotel

 T.G.I.F! It's Bloggers Unite day! hihihi... Went to Malayan Plaza for the BU with my sister.. 
I had so much fun because they have lots of freebies for us and of course i bought a lot of stuff from the Fashion Bloggers :) This event is in partnership with Kids Foundation and i would like to congratulate Ana, Aisa and Melai for a job well done :) 

Sophie's Mom Booth, They have yummy Mochi Ice Cream.. We never realize that were one of the first 20 persons who visited their booth, Lucky us but unfortunately we're unable to get them.. lol! But we still able to taste the ice cream and receive a free taste of cookies. Thanks Sophies' Mom :)

Ava and Me
Thank you for the free pass Aves! Love you... <3
with Paul Jatayna
 I never thought that Paul is a one sweet and nice guy because he looks very serious in his photos :) I can't remember if his the one selling the OS Accessories, but i will surely buy one soon! :)

 Yay! Free Make-up retouch at Maybeline's Booth :)

Parang wala nman nagbago teh... lol!
with Patricia Prieto

with Camille Co.

Laureen Uy

Kookie Buhain

 Free photobooth pics from close-up and also freebies.. yay!

Vern Enciso

 Evidence of a thrift shopper.. hihi..
She's very happy with her first ever Nail Polish :)
 Free Nail Art from Posh Nails.. Me and my sister both have the same color and design :)

Ava and Ana

with The Plump Pinays
I also saw a lot of fashion bloggers like Bjorn Bedayo, Karl Leuterio, Aisa Aguirre Ipac, Efril Lagman, Tin Iglesias, Krizzy Uy, David Guison and the Gondo Girls but i wasn't able to take photos of them all.. Maybe i'm just intimidated to approach them.. hihihi :)
with Margaret Manabat

Restin' at Malayan Plaza Hotel's Lobby

Before heading home, we went to SM megamall to grab some of our favorite Fro-yo nutritious snack from Red Mango.. Yummmy!

Freebies i got from the bazaar, i brought it home for Andie's Nanny.. hihi.. but my baby loves to play with it and she even cry so loud every time i try to get it away from her :D

This was just one of the things that i bought from the bazaar, it's from Kookie Buhain's booth, i super love the color and this is soo me... coz i love to collect blazers and jackets by the way :)

Hope there'll be a Bloggers United Part 2! The event was a success, Congratulations to all the Fashion bloogger's and the organizers of this event. Thank you for making it happen :)

Have a great day guys!

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  1. ho wow seeeems like a bonggang event! :{ how i wish im just in the metro!

  2. Wow! Amazing event! An even amazing coverage!thanks for taking us with you through this post.Just followed you back!More power!

  3. thanks for following! your blog is really cool. i love the pic with the cakes, yummy. my 21st birthday cake was just like one of the bag shaped ones.