Miyerkules, Abril 20, 2011

Wide Brim Hats

Photo credits : The Elle Factor by Chriselle
For some reason i'm starting to love wide brim hats. I day dreamed about this, me wearing a wide hat,walking beside the beach while reading books wrote by famous author. But i don't know if this will fits me coz i might look like a mushroom..hahaha!.... Well, nobody's perfect and i'm not blessed to be Tall like as some of you, my height is 152cm (5 ft.) but im proud of it :)  Self-confidence should come first right? lol :))

Anyways, i'll be a homebody person for a week because my husband will be arriving soon. Too bad i'm not able to go with my sister in Puerto Galera. *sniff*sniff* :'(

How about you guys, With who you'll gonna spend your Holyweek and where? It would be great if your gonna share it with me :) And also try to wear wide hats if your going to the beach, it will protect your skin from the sunlight  :)and also Don't forget your sunblock! :)) 

That's all! Have a blessed day!


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