Sabado, Abril 23, 2011

Things that i love today #1

The things that i love today are animal print clothing and accessories that i saw on the web today. I was inspired to blog about it coz im planning to join the Impulse Co. birthday giveaway contest of Kathreena Poon, the price is a Leopard Print Satchel Bag :) It's so pretty and i fell in love with it, so please help me to win my liking my entry. ^_^

Anyhow, this are different types of animal print and if you dare to wear animal prints here are few tips to remember: 

 Black Large Vicky Zebra Print Faux Leather Satchel Handbag (photo credit: google)

  •  Don't be too matchy with your clothing. Instead, aim for a balanced ensemble of complementary garments and accesories. Just make it simple.

(photo credit: google)

  • Be An Animal Print Minimalist. Animal print looks best when present only in one pattern in no more than one or two elements of an outfit.

(photo credit: google)

  • Exercise Good Fashion Judgement. Just because something is available in animal print doesn't mean it should actually be wornLimit the print to smaller items or accessories – unless, that is, you are going for the Cruella DeVille look :)

  • Think Safari. Print looks chic as a compliment to neutrals and solid color-schemes, especially basic black, bright white, chocolate brown, and beige.

Keep it simple. The clothes itself can be as bright and colorful as you want it; just keep the accessories simple. If you wear too much animal print in one outfit, you’ll only end up looking like the animal itself :)
Just go for simple reds, blacks, or golds for your accessories. These colors complement the leopard look well. (according to ifashionhits)

That's all for today and hope you have a great day guys!

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