Linggo, Pebrero 20, 2011

Blogger's Closet

Went to Town and Country for the Bloggers Closet and also to visit Baby Dominic Labao for the first time :)

Anyways, i didn't bring enough money because i was trying to save for my vacation this coming March. 
I love all the stuff that they are selling especially ANAGON's Collection. And i get the chance to meet the Fashion bloggers, they were all friendly and very accomodating . 

Here are some of the accesories that they're selling!

Cool Bracelets :)

Unique rings, choose anything that matches your personality :)

Cute necklaces for 150php only, nice huh? :)


Y.R.Y.S. Pink Glad! Super Like :)

Brown Satchel 550php, Good thing i restrained myself of buying this cute Bag :))

My New Blogger Friends :))

Aie, Ava, Honey and at the back, the girl with maong polo is Ana
Me and Ana :)

My inspiration to Blog, Ava  :D

Busy Mode :D

Me and Baby Dom :)) his so cute :))

I'm too lazy right now so i'll blog the things that i bought later on.hehe..  i'm so excited to wear them already.yey! :)
Goodnight Guys! Sweetdreams!

* xoxo *

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