Biyernes, Setyembre 17, 2010

Seol Garden @ SM City Annex!

Tia was planning a surprise birthday party for roy (my brother-in-law), she texted everyone and we meet them at the Seol Garden SM City North edsa. Roy thought that we ignored his birthday, but as they walk inside the resto, suddenly he was surprised when he saw us :))

Anyhow, Seoul Garden is an authentic Korean- styled BBQ buffet restaurant that offers a unique self serving dining experience. It is a 2 in 1 dining concept, a do-it-yourself BBQ buffet cum Hotpot dining experience. Customers have the free reign to cook and barbecue to their hearts content from the various meat marinades that Seoul Garden have always been famous for.

Pancho Family

This is Tia, my future "hipag"


happy cooking his meal, look at his beaming smile :D

Seoul Garden also offers unique rice based dishes that are a staple to the Filipino people. There are several Bibimbaps  dishes which are available upon request and are served hot and sizzling at your tables! As for the customary Filipino dessert, Seoul Garden offers a DIY corner made especially for Halo Halo fanatics. Not to mention the many variations of ice creams and pastries to choose from. There is definitely one that will satisfy your sweet tooth at Seoul Garden!

Of course i need to take advantage for the amount we paid (600 per head) lol :D
And WOW! my tummy almost explode because i tasted almost all the dishes they serve :)) !

Well, that's it for today! Have a great day everyone!

* xoxo *

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